We have a high volume of readers that reach close to one million readers across the region. This could be a major potential market to many people and we are here to ensure that we expose your business so that you get a lot of customers. As a result, we have created a caliber of various advertisements that business owners can buy to ensure that they promote their business. This is the best thing to ensure that you are always fetching new customers for your business thus promoting your sales and enhancing business growth.

#1. Premium Embedded ads.


This is the best way to get a lot of people because they capture the attention of close to 90 percent of the readers. This ad is kept on every page therefore the readers cannot escape it and they ensure that they contact you through the placed contact. We prefer that you build a well readable and simple ad so that you are able to capture maximum attention. It only goes for $1000 per month.

#2. Sponsored tweets.


If you want sponsored tweets that describe how excellent your services are, we are ready to make them for you. Each approved tweet is going to be placed somewhere that you can read and understand the whole thing. Tweets makes the customers to understand that you offer good services. The tweets that come along with us are creatively written to be thrilling and attractive. They cost $600 per month.

#3. Button ads.

button ads

These should be small, not exceeding 15kb because we have the best place to keep them. They costs $500 per month but they bring excellent returns. No animations needed.