4 tips on getting rid of bed bugs in 2 hours


#1. Start with hot water smearing

These crazy creatures prefer hiding in the inner spaces that are difficulty to clean. Don’t even disturb yourself. Boil water to a maximum that it is enough to ensure that you can cover the whole place. Start with the covered places that your hands can reach but the water can penetrate. This will make them to run out of there hiding places and come out where you will then physically kill them.

#2. Pre-treatment

Once you have killed them and you are sure in the inner spaces the water has penetrated well, just bring the pre-treatment chemical and ensure that you smear it perfectly on the surfaces and the covered places. This is what makes the number of bedbugs to reduce before you apply the lethal one that will clear everything. Consider using the best pre-treatment chemical because this is what determines the whole results.

#3. Apply the powerful ones.

The main aim of this stage is to get rid of the eggs in the house, to ensure that you remove everything and make sure that all is well eradicated. This is what makes the whole thing to be fantastic and amazing since within hours, you are done with these small mafias that cause disruptions and discomfort in your house. This is a process that you should not do alone but children should not be involved at all.

#4. Clean the whole house again.

Everything has been removed, you are now certain that all the corners of the house are safe and you are mostly going to get the best time in your house. Don’t relax, start cleaning the whole area using vacuum cleaners and powerful detergents and this should be followed for one week.

3 things you didn’t know about bed bugs


#1. They are not bugs of dirty things


The term bedbug does not imply that they are bugs on the bed. These are naughty creatures that can cause discomfort anywhere. In the kitchen, in the sitting room and in the compound, they can seriously mess everything up and you will be left wondering. They eat blood but funny enough, they can only stay where left overs and dirty materials are. But sometimes they are not even related to poor housekeeping because people from other places could bring them to your home.

#2. They don’t discriminate

Bed bug

Whether you are living in a flat or any kind of a house, they can be your guests anytime. The good thing is that they normally have a source because they don’t just come from somewhere to invade a place. This makes them to lethal even to the people who claim to be noble in the society. A small breach in the cleanness of the house could propel their invasion but again even when there is a transmitting factor that can carry even the eggs, they can be deported in your house without any difficulty.

#3. They carry no harmful diseases.


There has been filthy rumors that when bitten by a bedbug, you could be infected by HIV when the same bedbug has bitten an infected person. This is a clean and naked lie that is meant to shrink people’s mind. Don’t run away from your house, just call the experts to remove them. Bedbugs have no know disease that they transmit apart from the wounds that they cause through biting. If they continue to suck blood, they could cause anemia in a person but anemia is a secondary disease.